Maids Moreton in The Times and local press!

Coinciding with the release of Maids Moreton: Beyond The Boundary Part 2, the 170 homes planning application has been featuring in the local and national press.

Buckingham Advertiser picked up the story for the front page of the Friday 16th July edition. You can read the full article full here Groups join forces to petition Bucks Council leader over new homes planning process | Buckingham Advertiser

Bucks Radio covered the same story on Monday 19th July. You can view the web page here Maids Moreton residents urge Bucks Council to reconsider build of 170 homes in the area |Bucks Radio

The Times online featured an article on Tuesday 27th July, entitled “Wildlife rules ‘too easy to manipulate’ by builders”. The Times’ Environment Editor, Ben Webster, covers some of the issues with the developer’s biodiversity net gain report after speaking to Professor Tim Shreeve

Tim Shreeve, professor of conservation ecology at Oxford Brookes University, examined net gain plans by David Wilson Homes, part of Barratt, for 170 homes on a greenfield site in Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire.

He said some of the “species-rich grassland” the developer proposed to plant to achieve biodiversity gain was going to be children’s play areas, meaning its value for wildlife had been exaggerated. Hedgerows that were in good condition had been downgraded to “moderate”, which made it easier to claim they would be improved, he said

“The biodiversity metrics have been applied with erroneous initial values and the so-called biodiversity plan is really a work of fiction,” he added.

Barratt said: “On this development the information used and provided to the local authority follows the relevant and applicable guidance, has been accepted by the local authority and our biodiversity plans will develop as the development progresses through the planning process.”

The times, 27th july 2021