Having raised a phenomenal amount of money towards the costs of his Judicial Review (over £20k via JustGiving and more offline), Pat Hardcastle has launched a ‘£20 campaign’ for the final leg of fundraising.

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported me so far; it is very motivating to have such wide support from the community and more widely. There is still further to go, so please do keep up the momentum. I am on the final leg of my fundraising and need just £20 from 500 people to meet my target. To this end, I am launching my ‘£20 Campaign’ and on Saturday 11 June, I shall have a stall in the Buckingham market, talking to people about donating £20 to support the campaign. Do come along and any support you can give will be most welcome.”


The market stall was visited by dozens of Saturday morning shoppers and also by Greg Smith MP, plus town and county councillors including Howard Mordue, Anthony Ralph, Robin Stuchbury and Warren Whyte. After the event, Greg Smith posted a message on Facebook and Twitter urging followers to donate.