The fight to stop a planning application for 170 homes in Maids Moreton

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  1. Patrick Hardcastle

    I have to date avoided making a further comment as the documentaries already include plenty from me. However, I want to follow from Anne Marie Vladar’s comment and Jane Wood’s response. My comment revolves around two simple prepositions.

    The National Planning Policy Framework requires councils to work WITH developers and landowners, not FOR them. There is, or certainly should be, a world of difference in meaning depending on whether “with” or “for” is added. It is clearly reasonable and appropriate for councils to work “with” developers but in respect of site MMO006, it definitely appears that “with” has been supplanted by “for”.

    The same exchange of prepositions appears to be evident in the handling of many other planning applications in and around Buckingham and in the Aylesbury Vale Area more widely. Working with developers should not mean ignoring and riding roughshod over the interests of current residents, and at times over commonsense, but unfortunately the evidence of poor planning decisions clearly suggests the confusion between working with and working for has become so ingrained that it has led to widespread abrogation of responsibility to look after the interests of current residents while accommodating new developments.

    The appalling traffic issues, overstretched services and a severely diminished quality of life for both current and new residents is the result and there does not seem to be anyone in the council willing to have “The buck stops here” on their desk.

  2. Jane Wood

    I am absolutely astonished by Anne Marie Vladar’s information that Planning Officers serve developers, not residents. Well, if that’s correct, it certainly explains a lot.
    The Leader of Buckinghamshire Council, Martin Tett, says in his Local Governemnt Association profile that his policy is for Bucks to be a Member-led Council. But if, as we have seen, Councillors believe whatever Planning Officers tell them, and as Ms Vladar says, Planning Officers have to say whatever will help developers to get their applications approved, then we certainly do not have a Member-led system, or even an Officer-led system but actually a Developer-led system.
    In a judicial context, both sides get an equal chance to put their case, and there are penalties for anyone not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In this ‘quasi-judicial’ planning system, one side gets all the time and professional help they want, and the other side get 2 minutes between them, and can only be questioned by the Committee about things they mentioned in that time. And no one is under any obligation to tell the truth – there is no real scrutiny of whether ‘evidence’ put forward is correct, and no penalties when it is not. Come on, Bucks – something really has to change here.

  3. Anne Marie Vladar

    Excellent documentary, very enlightening and worrying at the same time.
    As a newly elected parish councillor, last week I attended a ‘demystifying planning training course’ run by BMKALC – my surprising take away ‘as a newbie’ from this was to be informed that – Council Planning Officers work for the ‘applicants’ not the local area/residents – to work through to see the application succeed, as per central government policy and that this is a significant change to how local government planning officers used to work.
    A change needs to happen in the way Bucks Council currently supports, informs, includes and works with its local parish/town councils and residents over planning, regardless whether they are ‘legally required’ to do so or not. Good practice? And maybe to remember it’s not the developers paying your wages!
    Good luck Maids Moreton action group.

  4. Katie Hodgson

    Highly informative and accurate documentaries that so clearly depict why this development should be rejected. The lack of transparency between the Developers and BCC is apparent and the fact BCC has avoided a conversation with the documentary makers thus far says it all – intentional ignorance at its finest (and therefore care for the community at its worst).

    BCC, please wake up and put a stop to this before it is too late.

  5. Clare Hodgson

    Buckinghamshire council officers and management you still have a chance to prove to the community that employs you that you do listen without prejudice to the compelling arguments that have been brought to your attention . This application must be rejected as it is quite clear that this site is not appropriate for development.

  6. Paul Wildman

    A fantastic summary of the key issues affecting Maids Moreton and its fight for a fair and democratic process to prevent the ruination of this lovely village.
    I fully support the local protest against the proposed development.

  7. J. Wood

    It is frustrating and infuriating to keep seeing how hell-bent the local authority is on standing by all the mis-information that’s been peddled in this case, to push through an application that is “unsustainable” in so many ways. When will someone in authority say that it’s not good enough for them just to change evidence at will, make things up, fail to scrutinise or guarantee that the developer’s claims are correct, and then insist all this is a proper process and outcome? If we were all just having a disagreement, that would be understandable. But that’s not all this is – it’s about a system that isn’t working, because it allows parties to pass off inaccurate information, which voting planning committee Members then depend on. I no longer believe that there’s any integrity in the system that lets/helps this happen. At the start of all this, I naively thought that someone at the top would at some point take a look and say ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, you’re quite right, that stuff was all wrong; let’s correct all the information and then think again…’
    As if! Much more interested in saving face than in admitting when things go wrong and putting them right. It all stinks. Well done Action Group on shining such a powerful light on all this.

    • Andy Hodgson

      Your comments say it all! Senior Management in BCC need to stand up and start being accountable for the bad behaviour of their Officers, starting with a reversal of this ridiculous application.

  8. Cllr Warren Whyte

    These are excellent films that summarise a series of very bad decisions by the local planning authority over a number of years, and I continue to fight against the proposals with residents of Maids Moreton and surrounding communities.

  9. Diana Owen

    Another excellent Documentary outlining the inconsistencies within the VALP and the Planning Department’s own Policies, which was clearly exposed during the Inspector’s Hearing when the Council tried to hide behind their own appointed Transport Professional ‘s conclusions for the 170 houses Planning Application which was the total opposite to their own Transport Policy submission in VALP. Why can they not just admit that they did not research and cross-check when they changed the HELAA in the VALP and that they also got their Transport argument wrong , they seem determined to dig themselves into a larger hole.

    If the matters that have been raised in our Documentaries are just swept under the carpet, it will be evident to all that the whole soundness of VALP will come under question.

    Hopefully the Inspector will have been able to take a rationale judgement having seen the inconsistencies and will request VALP to be revisited or revised.

    MMFAG are to be commended on all their hard work, time and research in keeping these issues in the Public forum and fighting for ‘due process’ to be correctly followed and not overlooked.

  10. Andy Hodgson

    The second documentary confirms the arrogance of BCC which appears to be happy to completely ignore the local community who pay their salaries. Why is nobody from BCC willing to speak to the documentary makers and refute the points made? IMO it is because they can’t. For goodness sake BCC grow up, have some integrity, and reject this outrageous application.

  11. Jane Wood

    This is such a clear case study in why there is so much unhappiness with planning matters in Buckinghamshire, as Chesham & Amersham showed. Let’s hope for the right outcome in due course.

  12. Tony Allen

    Keep up the good fight a very professional and accurate argument put forward by you. During the pandemic much of my time has been spent outdoors during this time walking or running around these spaces in an effort to keep my mental health intact and I have met many during these times doing the same for the same reasons. This fight is not just about infrastructure and traffic chaos it it is also about the wellbeing of those who live in the area. This cannot go ahead.

  13. Clare Hodgson

    Having watched this excellent and informative documentary for the second time I remain incredulous as to why this application is still being processed. The site is completely unsuitable as the evidence highlights and clearly there is clearly a lack of transparency between the Council and the Developers.

  14. Suzanne Prosser

    A very interesting documentary exposing the inconsistencies in the planning process. As a resident of a small Gloucestershire hamlet abutting farm land where 5000 new homes are proposed by Stroud district the explanation of the planning process and considerations is very useful.

  15. Cllr David Thompson

    A well constructed summary of events pertaining to this site, which in truth should never had proceeded to the point of awaiting an Inspectors decision!
    How a site originally deemed to be the least suitable for inclusion in the VALP can change to suitable without any supporting evidence, just beggars belief and calls into question the whole decision making process in AVDC and now in the planning department in the Bucks Council, which should be open and transparent to the public in particular and to all Councillors
    The decision by the various committees to grant approval needs to be looked into by the current Cabinet Member, even if this means upsetting the previous holders of this post and the committee members.
    If the Inspector does find in favour of the developers, the lack of transparency in the change from unsuitable to a suitable site calls for a Judicial Review and if this leads to the collapse of the VALP, so be it.

  16. Cllr Mohammad Fayyaz

    Well done for publishing this video. I am very impressed It gives a comprehensive insight into the sight and the planning process.
    This raises very important questions which need to be answered.
    My best wishes for the people of Maids Moreton,

  17. paul

    Great video i pass through the village as a driver and can only agree on the comments made with regards to the roads

    But with all the comments raised it looks as money is what really is talking here

  18. Tracey Carr

    It will be an absolute tragedy if this goes ahead. Everyone must continue to fight this as building these houses will ruin the village and the surrounding countryside. This countryside has been invaluable for the residents of Maids Moreton and Buckingham in keeping sane during lockdown and having access to the countryside. My own family visit the countryside daily and I don’t think the developers realise how the building of these houses will affect the community and the effects on residents mental health. Please this must stop, we must continue to fight all the way.

  19. Sheilagh Rawlins

    Thank you. This is a succinct and well constructed summary of events to-date. It is a terrible shame that tax-payers hard-earned money is being wasted by the Council on QCs in order to attempt to cover up their own wrong-doing. In most professions if you were caught ‘with your hand in the till’ you were sacked.

  20. Simon Smith

    Brilliant documentary by our neighbours in Maids Moreton. Unfortunately we have just lost a 5 year battle with developers in the heart of Akeley after several failed planning applications and a dismissed appeal. In the end the powerful connected developers get their way. Unfortunately this always seems to be the case, they just keep banging on the door until it eventually gives way. Good luck with your campaign.

  21. Jenny Sturtivant

    Unbelievable the deliberate lack of transparency the appalling attempts to cover up the granting of planning permission against all the evidence is disgraceful and the lack of a full investigation of the sites suitability makes a mockery of the information that is presented that clearly shows planning permission should not be granted.
    Very relevant accurate and informing documentary.

  22. Billy Stanier

    Stunningly horrifying. I speak as a former AVDC Councillor (who was not on the Strategic Development Committee)

  23. Peter McDonald

    The circular argument exposed so powerfully by Ms Pryke was astonishing- the site should be removed from the VALP. The interpretation of “sustainability” is the problem and is going to haunt all the current attempts to reform the Planning Process (IMHO). The developers will fight every objection tooth and nail -eg here in Akeley when we objected to a development on grounds of access and the lack of public transport, the developers pointed to the rise in online shopping and suggested new residents would be able to cycle to Buckingham on the A413 for any additional items thus avoiding any increased in traffic! In fairness to the Planning Officers, they get bombarded with reports from developers on every issue – so not easy to remain impartial. Best wishes for your campaign-I hope it goes viral!

  24. Hannah Craik

    Very well made documentary which summarises the situation clearly and succinctly. It raises some very important questions which need to be answered.

  25. RP Gullett

    At Bledlow Ridge, our experience of dealing with the council and its planners is strikingly similar to yours.

    The planning system and its management look very like a conspiracy against the common man: the rules are Byzantine in their complexity, the motives, methods and sometimes competence of officials are often unclear, and what normal person with a job and a family has the time and resources to fight it anyway? Yet politicians seem reluctant to change the system. It shouldn’t be any surprise that, with this sort of interaction, trust in local government is low.

    As a conservative sort of person, I should be celebrating the council election result but I cannot because I fear that it augurs more of the same.

  26. Shay Harper

    Fantastic effort to put across a factual and logical argument against development of this particular site. That change made from unsuitable to suitable, without any notes or records, or individuals making it, smacks of corruption and deception. That the council are arguing that it is a transparent process is laughable. You have my full support. Keep going.

  27. Bob McGurrin, Chair, Woodstock Action Group (WAG)

    Well done! It appears that Maids Moreton is a victim of the powerful poperty lobby cabal of national and local governments, Tory politicians, landowners, banks and financiers, personal and corporate investors, aggressive developers and even local authorities all sharing a common interest, build, build , bild, Weve had similar problems with the Blenheim Estate and the West Oxfordshire District Counil here in Woodstock. Best of luck in your endeavours.

  28. Charles Frogley -Maids Moreton resident

    A very succinctly argued case against the proposed development.
    There seem to be a number of paradoxical issues.Firstly,it was described by the council itself as the least sustainable site in Maids Moreton and rejected as not suitable for development.Secondly,why did it miraculously appear on the VALP on the basis of a further planning application by the developer?Does this not indicate an unhealthily close relationship with the developer?
    At the determination meeting of the planning committee in February 2021,when a motion to reject the application was put forward,the planning officer seemed to act beyond her authority,by implying that it would not be legal for the participating councillors to reject the application.
    We must hope for a more positive outcome when the inspector has the full facts.

  29. Roger King

    A well made film and worth the investment. The decision to more than double the size of the village is one of the worst decision AVDC and Buckinghamshire Council have ever made. I sat on the original Strategic Planning Committee as a councillor representing an Aylesbury ward and voted against the application, the only Conservative that did. My heart went out to the residents who gave evidence at that meeting particularly when the application was passed. I wish you good luck in your endeavours.

  30. Pamela Viccars

    An excellent and articulate documentary of the facts. Little evidence here of ‘your views matter’ or a detailed analysis of the facts. One really needs to question the sources of influence in these cases.

  31. Howard Mordue

    A well produced video, Several of the officers named in the video have left the Council since it became Buckinghamshire Council, so it is unlikely that comments will come forward from . I do remember discussions on housing numbers when the VALP was in consultation stage. I think it is a totally unsuitable site for development and should a detailed planning application be submitted, hopefully before the local Planning Group and not Strategic, I would be happy to speak against the application.

  32. Ed Grimsdale

    What a fine and calmly argued critique of a planning system that’s unfit for purpose. It displays a David and Goliath situation with the larger party acting monstrously and ineptly. This Council do not deserve to win this case and I hope it’s efforts fail at the last hurdle. Oh dear, I feel so sorry for the residents who must have lost sleep, time, and money in their search for a proper hearing and justice. I fear this film displays another example to be added to the increasing database of instances of Democratic Deficit across our country.

  33. David Owen

    A very well made and factual documentary. It clearly shows how one sided the planning process is and that despite asking local residents to comment their views are just simply ignored and the council’s position steam-rollered through.

    How can they keep changing the status of sites with no discussion, no minuted meetings and then find in favour of what a large developer wants ?

    Hopefully the Inspector will listen to all of the facts put forward and agree that this site is not suitable.

  34. Ade Osibogun

    Watching this video has been beneficial. We (Howard, Ade, Warren) stand for improved local participation in planning decisions, so we will be supporting Maids Moreton and other villages with similar challenges in this regard.
    Ade Osibogun on behalf of the Conservative Buckingham East Team.

  35. Luke Jefferys

    Council – this simply isn’t good enough.

  36. Anonymous

    Your documentary brought home a few memories of ‘transparency’ – in south Buckinghamshire we note ‘our Leader’ Martin Tett was unavailable for comment, something we are very familiar with sadly

  37. Your issues and experience are so similar to the Princes Risborough Expansion Plan now part of the WDALP (former Wycombe District). We face 2500 houses on greenfields in the setting of the Chilterns AONB, with hosts of sustainability, road and delivery issues yet Council policy and a party whipped vote forced it through without any community support or effective input.

  38. Derek Carpenter

    Very professionally produced video which I hope may help embolden many people in the village. The critical change in policy is as well highlighted as it is astounding, if not surprising to me, given experience many years ago.

    I don’t know whether escalating the issue to the media has been considered.

    Whatever! I wish everybody the very best in their endeavours which are in no way helped by the Council concerned.

  39. Francis Partridge

    Excellent documentary, very well produced. The revelations chime with the way Bucks CC has capitulated to HS2 Ltd, which is busy destroying large swathes of the county. The once attractive Colne Valley is now an embarrassing eyesore, and the Chilterns AONB will be permanently scarred and diminished. From 2010 to 2015, the council was apparently opposed to the wrong-headed £106 billion project; since then the silence from Aylesbury has been deafening. Who got to Martin Tett and his team and persuaded them to change their mind, despite the objection of all the local MPs, notably the sadly deceased Cheryl Gillan, David Liddington and Dominic Grieve?

    My good wishes to the people of Maids Moreton, and God speed their campaign to halt this egregious development in such an attractive corner of the county.

  40. Dave Baxter

    One cant help wondering what connections there might be, between some councillors, planning committee members and some developers “behind the scenes”.

    This is just one of many such “strange” planning decisions all over the country.

  41. Rupert Bambach

    It is clear to anyone witnessing this anarchic decision-making process that Councillors are more concerned with capitulating to the pressure and persistence of a deloper than with properly representing the concerns of the people who they are primarlily there to serve.

  42. Jon Harvey

    Finally had the oppoortunity to view this documentary in its entirety. First I want say all credit to the filmmakers and those featuring in the piece – this is a truly excellent programme! The arguments are very well summarised and presently clearly, with superb editing and cinematography.

    As to the substance my simple question is this: do we currently have an accountable councillor run planning system or one that is being controlled and administered in plain sight by planning officers? I fear it is the latter.

    When even local councillors cannot discover why the site was changed from being unsuitable to suitable, then this suggests a degree of unaacountable opacity that frankly I find breathtaking. How have our local Buckinghamshire Councillors (and AVDC ones hitherto) allowed this situation to develop? Indeed, in my view, recent changes to the constitution of Buckinghamshire Council (approved by the members a few days ago) are likely to consolidate the power of the officers over the members in respect of planning decisions. Is this some form of Stockholm Syndrome? I don’t know. But I am going to keep asking and asking and asking until we find the truth.

    Meanwhile, we can all only hope that the Planning Inspector becomes abundantly aware of the circular argument presented by Ms Pryke at the end of the tape – and removes this allocated site from the draft VALP. Of course, if he does this, the whole VALP will collapse like an Alice in Wonderland house of cards… We will all then have to work hard to ensure that the new Buckinghamshire Plan being developed – places local communities at its heart (not developers or indeed planning officers).

  43. Robina Ahmed

    Superb, well made documentary which has left me and others watching it incredulous at what has been happening in Maids Moreton.

    The change to the HELA from unsuitable to suitable remains a great, unexplained mystery and one which needs to be addressed.

    Two factors need to be taken into consideration, any residents concerns and sustainability assessment. It seems planning/council have failed in both.

    The residents objections are all fair and thoroughly researched, looking at the long term impact of development on this site.
    The consequences of which will not only have grave environmental impacts, but it would put so many additional pressures on the surrounding areas too. Not to mention how it would alter Maids Moreton as a village.

  44. Ryan Willett

    As a former Parish Councillor, I was very impressed at how this was reported. It was accurate in detail and from my take, it was very accurate to events.

    I am glad you got in touch as I fought this development from 2017-2019 when I served on the council and understand that many residents were let down by the Buckinghamshire Council. I hope that we can start to repair this trust after the election and hopefully Robin Stuchbury who brought this into committee, can defeat this dreadful housing proposition. It is clear from this that the Government’s White Paper on Housing Planning aptly named ‘Planning for the Future’ is not thoroughly thought through, but instead dumps houses onto areas without the proper infrastructure or indeed the capacity for those houses.

  45. Neil Salisbury

    The video highlights an issue which is at the heart of the problems with the current planning system. This is that there are, in fact, two facets to the Council. On the one hand there are professional planning staff who are not accountable to the public and on the other hand there are democratically elected councillors who frequently do not have the expertise, or the knowledge, to challenge the planning staff’s recommendations. As a result, it is frequently left to local residents to try to challenge decisions, but they have no authority. Maids Moreton is a very good case study on this key issue that needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, it was not addressed in the “Planning for the Future” White Paper and probably won’t be in the upcoming Planning Bill because this is a governance issue, not a process one.

  46. Jonathan Powell

    At the heart of this fiasco lies an unexplained change to the HELA which converted an unsuitable site to a suitable site. The council has provided no explanation for the change, no explanation of the validity of the change nor has the council explained who precisely made the change. In its own defence the council is at best ‘economic with the truth’ when it claimed that the Inspector had no issues with the soundness of the site. The documentary makes this fundamental point most powerfully and highlights the contempt in which this council and in particular the council officers hold the people whose interests they purport to serve.

  47. Gill Craik

    I feel that the video summarises the situation very well in a concise format, which I would hope is accessible and will provide the opportunity for all relevant councillors to fully understand our situation before the next Strategic Site meeting.

  48. locals4aonb

    Thank you for this informative documentary. It clearly highlights quite a few of the problems we have encountered with the planning process in Bucks. Comparing notes , for example, it is interesting to see that other’s have encountered identical FOI stonewalling, and council officer’s consultation paper’s completely inaccurate. It also illustrate the fact that the process is well oiled, no accidents there, and seemingly primed to ignore local residents wishes”. Please keep us informed of developments, and don’t forget the elections, finally a chance for residents to air their displeasure.

  49. Carolyn Weston

    I commend you on an excellent video that perfectly illustrates the gulf between councils and residents. Sites should be scrutinised thoroughly before being put forward to a Local Plan. Unfortunately we have a problem in our village where the council has decided two massive 24/7 warehouses would sit very well next to: residential, 4 blue chip offices, 2 nature reserves and an organic farm. The 1000 proposed vehicles in/out of the site, loading/unloading etc. according to our council will not increase pollution, will not make noise, will not be overbearing – 50m away from residential area, etc. I will stop there and say that the officers that have looked at the developers reports have merely carried out a lack lustre tick boxing exercise just to prove the development is sound from their perspective. It actually isn’t and the proposal is back on the table and we are spending more time, energy and money fighting the council than I ever thought possible. It will be returned to Committee in June and I am confident that it will have to be rejected!

  50. John Riches

    A very fair and well presented argument. Having followed the VALP saga since it was first presented, I am not surprised at the incredulity of the residents on how this has been handled. Was I surprised that several people invited to comment failed to present their views; not at all.

  51. Gwenneth Brignall

    What a fantastically executed film, well done to all involved. The planning decisions seem utterly bizarre: how can Maids Moreton be expected to cope with the increased traffic and requirements to infrastructure? Not to mention the building on a greenfield site which is currently home to lots of wonderful wildlife. The fact that there are no minutes of the “meetings” in which the change was made from unsuitable to suitable speaks volumes.

  52. Steve Redfearn

    Superb production – it is a compelling narrative, fairly presented and clearly shows the smoke and mirrors which is being used to justify the non-justifiable.

    • Noel Brown

      Well put together.

  53. Ian Smith

    An excellent summation of the issues. As a former Parish Councillor I was always aware that Aylesbury Vale as it was then regarded the people in the village as a nuisance. Remember the issues the 80 homes next to the Rugby Club caused and the application to develop 700+ homes to the south of the church which at present has been withdrawn. On behalf of the church I have raised specific issues around traffic and people movement. I felt it to be pertinent that the then Chair of Planning at the first determination asked the agent for David Wilson Homes whether they had ever consulted with us as the Church and other objectors in the village, to which their answer was no.

    I agree with the comment in the film that the Planning Department and the Developer seem to be too close together.

  54. Tim Hilsdon

    An excellent production that clearly shows that this site is not sustainable for a number of reasons. Maids Moreton does not have the infrastructure to support a development of this scale in this location and it would have a detrimental impact on the surrounding area which cannot be mitigated. Amongst other things it seems, shall we say, unusual for key decisions being made by the council that were not documented or recorded in any way.

  55. Fiona Hancock

    Thanks for such an informative, interesting and well-made video. It’s clearly shows areas of question! 170 + houses are clearly too many for a village of Maids Morton’s size and the questionable processes should be addressed by Buckinghamshire Council – I hope they all see this documentary and act accordingly?

  56. Robert Brignall

    Thank you for putting this together — I am seriously impressed at the quality of this production, including the contributions from Maids Moreton residents which really highlight the frankly bizarre decision-making by AVDC and Bucks Council.

    Can the Council really continue to push this through? Let’s hope not.

  57. Simon Page

    Well done all who made this happen, it is outstanding work and the production is epic. Just hope we can get some sensible decisions made by the council, but surely they cannot sweep this evidence under the carpet! like they have done with a lot of our official objections.

  58. Anja Schaefer

    Thank you for publishing this video. It gives a comprehensive insight into the sight and the planning process so far. It seems to me that there remain grave concerns over the suitability and sustainability of the site and that there have been a number of irregularities in the process so far. On the basis of this evidence I would not support development of this site.
    Planning for Buckinghamshire development is under significant pressure. However, it is absolutely vital that sustainability criteria, in terms of environment, climate change, accessibility and the character of the village receive the highest level of priority in planning decisions.

  59. Winslow Residents Association

    This is exactly our experience. In fact our merry go round with the council and investigations have proven very unethical and highlighted the huge waste of money from councillors who do not live in Winslow.

  60. Simon Krelle

    For the basis of the council’s reasoning for approval to be based on the worry that it might encourage the public to question or see the basis to object to future applications is so ridiculous it beggars belief. The council should be seriously questioned on this stance / philosophy alone. Every individual application must be considered in isolation and on its own merits. The contempt that the council has shown for proper process and ignoring evidence that does not suit their clearly biased desire is a disgrace in my opinion. And to make a somewhat small but significant point – if councillors can’t even see that it is right to turn on their cameras when holding an online meeting of this importance, it indicates to me their reluctance to be accountable for there incredibly poorly evidenced decisions.

  61. Jennifer Dixon

    An exceptional film which sums everything up so well. It highlights the circuitous process of planning matters and the facts as well as the feelings which are not being listened to.

  62. Regina Lawson

    A measured, comprehensive and soundly argued presentation. Balanced input from experts and residents so could this be presented to the council? The impact of this proposed development will definitely be felt in Buckingham, already experiencing increased congestion due to the number of new estates feeding into a town ,
    whose main streets are a mediaeval 9 ft wide! Surely the greater environmental impact cannot be ignored.

  63. Shirley Webb

    A very thorough and comprehensive appraisal of the situation, showing the extent of unsoundness of the application. One has be concerned about the influence of the developers on the Council members and their decision making.

  64. Andy Hodgson

    Well to the objective observer this planning application needs to be rejected and consigned to the bin. Let’s hope there is more integrity exhibited by the participants in the next redetermination and sense prevails! Proud to be a villager in MM with the eloquence and logical argument demonstrated in this video. Thank you all

  65. David & Sheila Goodger

    Very well produced film. It gives a clear understanding of how the Council are attempting to ‘pull the rug from under our feet’. Let’s hope the film is seen far and wide allowing everyone to see just how wrong the Council are on this occasion.

  66. Diana Owen

    A very professional, succinct video explaining how, very little local opinion is taken on board by the County Council even when we are given the opportunity to comment at the Consultation stages of the Local Plan.

  67. Tim Hodgson

    ‘How can a site be deemed ‘unsuitable’ by the Council at one point and then achieve ‘suitability’ without anything changing? Unless something has gone on behind closed doors that the residents are Maids Moreton are unaware of?’

  68. Peter Burland

    A 60% increase in the village’s population is considered a ‘technical change’? Absolutely unbelievable. The Council are ruining this village for pure capitalist greed.

  69. Juliet Hodgson

    Wow! this really highlights some pertinent questions as to the process of achieving planning permission within Buckinghamshire. The Developers clearly have some hold over the Council

  70. Jane Wood

    Great film – sums up a complicated story really well.
    The Sustainability Appraisal, the HELAA and the Settlement Hierarchy all confirm that this is not the right place to build, and yet the Council are still pushing it through, against their own evidence. There’s no reliable ecology or heritage evidence to support building here either. This can’t be right.

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